Marshmallo is throwing a concert in Fortnite’s Pleasant Park this weekend

A Spray and Pickaxe have already been found in the games files alongside references to a Marshmello-themed glider

It takes place in Pleasant Park, though you may see the lights/hear the music from anywhere on the map. It features a large football field and a gazebo with picnic tables, allowing Marshmallo to set up shop. Previous data mining from patch v7.20 uncovered a secret Marshmello music video, which will presumably debut with his concert.

Fortnite is already known for its live events - one-time only occurrences where you have to be in the game at a certain time to watch it unfold.

Once you've unlocked the Keep It Mello emote by completing the Search a Showtime Poster challenge, you then need to perform that dance at three different locations.

If you're keen to see the gig for yourself, you'll have to get up nice and early on Sunday morning, so maybe plan a quiet Saturday night.

The posters note the event will fall on February 2 at 11 am PT (February 3 at 6 am AEST) and will be part of a showtime challenge. Players don't have to worry about missing out if they're killed - Epic Games will enable respawning, according to the leak, so that players return if someone kills them. Although, it could be argued that the victory had more to do with his teammate, Ninja, who happens to be one of the game's best players. The Marshmallow event, however, is the first "live" concert to be featured in the game.

Marshmello teamed up with Epic Games on the event, with posters advertising the concert scattered around the island and incorporated into the latest round of Fortnite Showtime challenges.



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