Roger Stone's indictment in Russian Federation probe: What it means for Trump

ASSOCIATED PRESSThe former Trump Taj Mahal is in Atlantic City

Stone, 66, President Donald Trump's longtime friend and a veteran political operative, was arrested after the special counsel filed a seven-count indictment against him as part of an ongoing probe into Russian Federation interference during the 2016 election.

Stone has repeatedly said he will not testify against Trump, a vow he repeated on Friday morning after he was charged with witness tampering and lying to Congress about his alleged attempts to establish a chain of communication between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, which published emails stolen by Russian hackers during the 2016 election.

Now, new comments coming from Sam Nurnberg, a former Trump campaign aide and friend of Roger Stone, suggests that the President may have actually been the "senior campaign official" mentioned in the Stone indictment six different times.

He said any error he made in his testimony was not intentional.

Special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian Federation and whether the president obstructed the investigation. Stone, in his turn, replied "I'm not talking to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and if your smart you won't either".

It alleges that unidentified senior Trump campaign officials contacted Mr Stone to ask when stolen emails relating to Clinton might be disclosed.

A year later, Stone joined with lawyer Paul Manafort - who became Trump's campaign chair in 2016 - to form a Republican legal and political consultancy.

Stone responded that "Organisation 1" would release "a load every week going forward".

"The indictment was not unexpected, but it is still significant because it alleges coordination between the Trump Campaign and WikiLeaks", Barbara McQuade, a former US Attorney for the Eastern District of MI, said. Trump is questioning the impartiality of Robert Mueller's investigation and says the probe is groundless, while raising doubts about whether a fired top FBI official kept personal memos outlining his interactions with Trump.

"The president did nothing wrong".

Special Counsel Robert Mueller said in court papers that Stone had advance knowledge of a plan by WikiLeaks to release the emails, which analysts say may have contributed to Trump's stunning defeat of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

He had started his post writing: 'CBS reports that in the Roger Stone indictment, data was 'released during the 2016 Election to damage Hillary Clinton.' Oh really!

"There is no circumstance whatsoever under which I will bear false witness against the president", he said Friday.

The following month, Credico pleaded the 5th Amendment to evade an interview with the House Intelligence Committee. Stone left the campaign just a few months later - he said he quit, Trump said he was sacked - but stayed close, frequently holding late-night phone calls with the candidate to discuss strategy and messaging. We very early had a request from both the Senate and the House.

But Mr Stone would begin his professional career helping out on Richard Nixon's 1972 re-election campaign.

In the 1980s, Trump hired Stone, then a Washington lobbyist, to represent him in the nation's capital to deal with "a number of small but important issues" involving the businessman's Atlantic City casinos and other properties.

"White-collar defendants always make some variation of the same argument, and that is, 'I have a perfectly innocent explanation for this fact, and as for this other fact, I can come with an innocent explanation for that, and likewise for all these other facts, ' " Schiff said. "He will be vindicated".



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