DxOMark officially introduced DxOMark Selfie - released its first ever leaderboard

DxOMark finally debuts selfie camera testing suite

If you add the scores together, the Galaxy Note 9 comes out on top with 195 points, and the Pixel 3 is in second place with 193.

Now, for the very first time (albeit in the same fashion as so many times before), renowned camera benchmark testers from DxOMark have shared the results of their inaugural Selfie Scores test, an assessment which sought to gauge the quality and performance of a dozen modern smartphones' front-facing camera systems.

The challenge with front-facing cameras is the relatively short distance - often arm's length - from sensor to subject.

The testing firm launched the new category by testing 12 smartphone selfie cameras.

DxOMark has always prided itself for being the benchmarking experts not just for digital cameras in general but even more for smartphones.

Until now, DxOMark scored smartphones based on their rear camera capabilities alone.

Apple's iPhone XS Max has one of the best cameras in a smartphone - as long as you're not pointing it at yourself. These are early days yet however, with only 10 phones as yet tested.

The DxOMark selfie test takes into consideration several factors such as skin tones, details, colour accuracy, sharpness and other parameters. This includes over 1,500 still images, and over two hours of video shot to arrive at two meta scores (stills, video) which are then combined for an overall score. The Pixel 3 took better quality still images, according to DxO, while the Note 9 produced better selfie videos. DxOMark states that the Pixel 3's camera dominated with extremely detailed selfies while Note 9 goes for a cleaner selfie approach. DxO cited the Note 9's exposure and color results, and notes that Samsung's phone is a little better at handling exposures for faces.

The iPhone XS Max surprisingly fare a bit worse than even the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, ending up in fourth place Apple's best faltered a bit when it came to more hard lighting situations. "Images captured with the Google device show slightly stronger contrast and a cooler white balance".



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