Are Savings Accounts a Good Idea?



Money, as much as we want to spend it we also want to make sure that we have a bit of it saved as well. That is where the savings accounts come in. However, there has been a debate throughout the ages if these are a good or a bad idea.

Savings Accounts?

The best part about having a savings account is the savings part. You know that you have a rainy day fund that you can run to when your finances are tied. It's like your own little fallout policy or your own insurance policy on yourself. That way making sure that you always have a little something.

However, despite the fact that you do have a fall out policy, this can also make you spend recklessly. This is because you know that you will have a little something that you can use when all goes wrong. That way you spend more than necessary.

That does not mean that you do not need to have a savings account, this is because you can budget better with one. Let's say you need to buy a new car or you want to play a few online casino games at It's easier to do if you know you have a few funds stashed somewhere. You can then easily enjoy your online casino games knowing that it will not directly affect your funds.

This can, however, cause a bit of confusion in your head as well as your funds. By knowing that you have a few funds stashed away you will then think that you have a lot of money when in actual fact you do not. That makes it a bit tricky when you do actually check your savings balance only to find peanuts in it.

Therefore at the end of the day, the question still stands, are savings account a good idea? If they are that cancels out the whole You Only Live Once theory and brings in growing up responsibility. Meaning to say that, the matter of savings accounts depends on you and the way you live your life.





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