Twofer! Total lunar eclipse with supermoon bonus

A person and a dog watch as the super blue blood moon rises over Michmoret Israel Wednesday Jan. 31 2018

It's not every year that a super blood wolf moon happens, so it was worth casting your eyes to the heavens overnight. Totality - when the moon's completely bathed in Earth's shadow - will last an hour. Earth's atmosphere. As sunlight passes through it, the small molecules that make up our atmosphere scatter blue light, which is why the sky appears blue.

That's why an eclipsed moon is sometimes known as a blood moon.

Laura Clays captured a stunning photograph of the moon just after the eclipse.

According to CNN, this type of lunar event occurs when a total lunar eclipse happens at the same time as a supermoon.

A total lunar eclipse that is called a "Super Blood Wolf Moon" as seen from Encinitas, California, US, January 20, 2019. (AFP) The eclipse and Super Blood Wolf Moon as seen from Bogota, Colombia, January 20, 2019. This leaves behind mostly red light that bends, or refracts, into Earth's shadow.

Watchers in North and South America, parts of Europe and western Africa, who were lucky enough to have clear skies, saw a total lunar eclipse - but eastern Africa and Asia observed a partial eclipse. Frank Gunn/CP A lunar eclipse progresses behind the "Monumento a la Carta Magna y Las Cuatro Regiones Argentinas" in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Monday, Jan. 21, 2019.

What is a lunar eclipse?

"The super part is somewhat rare, the moon needs to be within a day or so of its closest position, and the orbit's a month long, so that's pretty rare", astronomer David Reitzel told CBS2.

Stargazers in the United Kingdom had to make do with watching the event on a live stream.



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