Brexit: PM Theresa May to present Plan B on Monday

Common ground Tánaiste Simon Coveney

"So if they come out strongly in support of a people's vote - in the next seven days - an amendment will go down in parliament and we'll get a majority behind it". She will update them on her conversations with European Union leaders and on the talks she has held with members of other parties.

Earlier, former Attorney General Dominic Grieve told BBC Radio 4 that it was ridiculous to accuse him of plotting with House of Commons clerks to stop Brexit, as suggested in the Sunday Times.

"If she doesn't budge from that, we are at a position where we are facing a possible no-deal and therefore a public vote - it was the whole reason we moved our conference policy onto a public vote was to deal with that situation". There is little time and no clear indication what more the European Union can or wants to offer.

Mrs May is due to spell out to lawmakers on Monday what her plans are now for Brexit following MPs' overwhelming rejection of the divorce deal agreed between London and Brussels. Under the terms of an amendment tabled by Dominic Grieve and controversially passed by MPs, she has until Monday to present a new plan to the Commons.

Benn told Marr that May's "mind appears to be completely closed" to compromising on her deal.

Following a tumultuous week in Parliament, which saw Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement defeated by a record majority, Sir Keir said the Prime Minister had been "reckless" in her approach to the Brexit process.

On Friday night, May was also going to meet Arlene Foster, leader of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, which has 10 seats in parliament and supports May's government but not her Brexit deal, a Telegraph reporter said on Twitter.

With feelings running high, the pro-Brexit International Trade Secretary Liam Fox warned of a "political tsunami" if the Government fails to deliver on the 2016 referendum vote.

He said any future talks must see the UK Government focus on extending Article 50 to stop the clock on Brexit, bringing forward legislation for a second European Union referendum and taking "no deal" off the table. The talks have produced few signs that May plans to make radical changes.

One group led by Tory former minister Nick Boles and the senior Labour MP Yvette Cooper is attempting to block a no-deal Brexit - something Mrs May strongly opposes.

In one email sent on Wednesday, Mr Lee was said to have made clear that the aim of the plan was to delay Brexit.

"The Irish Government's commitment to the entire Withdrawal Agreement is absolute - including the backstop", he wrote on Twitter.

She will also table a motion that will be debated and voted on 29 January. "But the danger is, just like 1983, a new party built around a relationship with Europe keeps the Labour Party out of power for a generation".

Keir Starmer, the party's Brexit spokesman, used a speech on Saturday to say that it is now up to Parliament to take the tough decisions needed to break the Brexit impasse.



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