DeSantis asks Legislature to end marijuana smoking ban

Florida's new Governor tackled the controversial issue of medical marijuana on Thursday

Seventy-one percent of voters approved medical marijuana in 2016 thinking that smoking would be an option for them, but the Legislature made a decision to outlaw it. Amendment Author John Morgan has said the ban is unconstitutional, and many people agree with him.

Medical marijuana patients in North Central Florida may soon be able to light up after an announced major policy change by Governor Ron DeSantis. "Whether they (patients) have to smoke it or not, who am I to judge that?"

"This thing should have been implemented, we should have moved on, and I don't want to continue fighting some of these old battles", he said.

The new governor said he will wait until mid-March before he will drop an appeal filed under then-Gov. Rick Scott appealed the decision.

The Republican governor, who took office on January 8, said the state has lagged in carrying out the constitutional amendment that passed with the support of more than 71 percent of voters in 2016. "And it's my judgment that what the Florida Legislature has done to implement the people's will has not done it in accordance with what the amendment envisioned".

Regarding his support for Jewish school security funding, DeSantis said that Jews are more likely to be targeted based on their religion than any other group in the country and that the state government wants that funding to be an ordinary part of the budget.

"They created a cartel, essentially", he said. State law tightly controls the number of growers, distributors and dispensaries that can operate.

"We will continue to act in all possible ways to nullify the decision discriminating against citizens of the State of Israel and harming them economically due to their place of residence", he added.

"I'm announcing today is the lawsuit that's challenging the smoking ban, we're going to be filing a stay of decision on that till mid-March", the governor said. "Many Senators share these concerns and have ideas they are interested in advancing, which include smokable forms of treatment".

"I think the Florida voters who voted for that wanted them to have access to medical marijuana under the supervision of a physician", DeSantis said. House Speaker Jose Oliva, R-Miami, also should get on board and get this done quickly. It was approved by more than 71 percent of voters.

Florida's new Governor tackled the controversial issue of medical marijuana on Thursday.



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