Australian Open: Bernard Tomic calls Lleyton Hewitt a liar

Nick Kyrgios and Lleyton Hewitt. Image GettyMore

The Queensland outcast again admitted he had told Hewitt he would "knock you out if you come one metre from me or try to talk to me", as revealed by the Herald Sun on Wednesday.

Former team-mate Tomic responded: "I have never threatened his family".

"I've got nothing to do with your family and I don't care what's wrong with you, you liar".

"I am not having a go at Lleyton Hewitt per se, by the way, I am having a go at the Bernard Tomics of this world".

"He won't play Davis Cup as long as I have anything to do with it", said Hewitt. Reuters was not immediately able to contact Tomic for comment.

Hewitt's accusation of blackmail related to Tomic questioning the awarding of Australian Open wildcards and threatening to not play the Davis Cup.

"The threats I've received for me and my family that I've had for a year and a half now".

Asked if the threats were physical or verbal, Hewitt said it was both.

"No one likes him more", said Tomic about Hewitt: "I hope you replace him soon, so that we have a good captain".

'For me it was probably the abuse I copped from him. "In the end I drew a line in the sand".

"I'm not planning to play at the next tie", he said.

Hewitt, overnight, launched an extraordinary rebuttal that claimed, among other things, that Tomic had repeatedly threatened Hewitt and his family, as well as launched blackmail attempts, over the course of multiple years.

Hewitt said he didn't feel threatened by Tomic's abuse but was frustrated after trying to help the world No.88 and one-time No.17.

However at present there were "cultural standards" not being met that were preventing any imminent return.

Following his own first-round defeat to Milos Raonic, Kyrgios denied he'd had a falling out with Hewitt, but later deleted an Instagram story attacking him.

Neither backed him publicly, although Kyrgios has made sniping comments about Hewitt on social media.

Hewitt also categorically refuted Tomic's allegations that he has a management interest in some of Australia's best players and profits from their Grand Slam appearances.

"It's not easy if you don't get the support from certain players, but Lleyton has won more battles than that".

Hewitt said it was "Bernie being Bernie and losing and going on and complaining".



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