'Super blood wolf moon' eclipse to darken skies

The 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' will be visible over Orlando this weekend

Say hello to a lunar eclipse and a supermoon sharing the limelight high in the skies on Monday morning (January 21).

The moon glowing red while it's in the Earth's shadow is typical for a full lunar eclipse because of how the planet's atmosphere bends light, Brothers said. This is known as the blood moon.

This TLE will be a particularly special form of an eclipse - a Wolf Blood Super Moon. The beginning of the total eclipse phase starts at 11:41 pm ET, lasting 62 minutes.

First contact with the Earth's shadow is at 6:36 p.m. The Moon will start to enter the Earth's shadow just after 2:30am GMT and the maximum eclipse will occur just before 5:15am. That's when the eclipse will be at its climax - the Earth, moon and sun will be exactly lined up in an eclipse.

Andy Clark took this image of a lunar eclipse over Ashford in 2015.

How long will the total lunar eclipse last? Day - off, so have no worries about staying up late howling at the SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON. The sun, earth and moon are all in a line, with the moon furthest away from the sun. (Not that it isn't super already - we love our only natural satellite.) This recently popular but decades-old term is used to describe a full or new moon that is closest to Earth in its orbit, which is the shape of an ellipse, just like Earth's orbit is an ellipse around the sun. Hence, the "Super" portion of the moniker. That may happen once a year (as is the case in 2019), twice a year (as in 2018), or not at all in the course of a year (as in 2020).

The Super Moon eclipse on September 28, 2015 as seen from Avon, Conn.

The third and final supermoon of 2019 occurs in March.

What's the best way to view the super blood wolf eclipse?

"This attack was more than just one on the Moon, however, for the Mesopotamians linked what happened in the sky with what happened on the land, and because the king of Mesopotamia represented the land, the seven demons were thought to be also attacking the king", the April 2014 National Geographic article stated. That light can also change based on dust, pollutants or other particles in Earth's atmosphere.

The "Wolf" portion of the name is a little less scientific and uniquely American. There's no actually wolf connection to the moon here.

However, January's full moon is different. This Super Moon will be 224,173 miles (360,772km) from Earth.

According to The Weather Network, the skies will be predominantly clear and the temperatures will hover around the 3°C mark in the evening, so if you are heading outside to check it out, make sure to bundle up. This spectacular sight will be visible Sunday night into Monday morning, just as the east coast is hit with a blast of arctic air, sending temperatures down almost to single digits.



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