Divers swim with 'gentle giant' great white shark off Oahu’s coast

SEE IT Biggest great white shark on record spotted in Hawaii for first time in years

Ms Ramsey told the Honolulu Star Advertiser that they had been filming tiger sharks feeding on the whale when the shark arrived.

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources said in a statement that the decomposing whale carcass had drifted about 13 kilometres south of Pearl Harbour after being towed 24 kilometres offshore days earlier.

Oliphant posted the photographs on Instagram after the swim and wrote: 'Face to face with the world's largest great white ever recorded "Deep Blue"'.

Deep Blue disappeared after a day according to Mohler, but her companions put on a show for photographers and divers the following day.

Ramsey, who operates Oahu-based One Ocean Diving and Research with Oliphant, said she has been pushing for several years for a bill that would ban the killing of sharks and rays in Hawaii, and hopes this year the measure will become law. The water is usually too warm in Hawaii for these kinds of sharks to swim in, which makes the sighting all the most extraordinary. But generally they're wild animals and apex predators and we want to give them the space they deserve.

She went on to explain how she wished more people would understand that sharks shouldn't be harmed.

The biggest great white shark on record is visiting the American island state of Hawaii, divers say.

Ocean, though, discourages people from following her lead and swimming with sharks.

Ramsey said the shark was likely pregnant or had a full belly of whale.

She said she was reading the shark's body language and knew it was okay to touch - but warned against the general public trying anything similar. "In my experience, this is the most mellow white shark I have ever had the privilege and honor of meeting", she wrote on an Instagram video of her and the Great White.

Dr Domeier said these sharks spend nearly their entire 18-month gestation period in deep offshore waters where food is "very, very scarce".

'If you asked me a few days ago what the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen in Hawaiian waters the answer probably would be pretty different, ' Jefferies said. And so that's why people don't typically interact with them.

Blame it on Jaws or blame it on the fact that sharks do have rather a lot of sharp teeth, fact is, many humans have a fear of sharks as deep as the waters in which they swim.

"We're asking people to stay out of the water around this carcass. Understandably, some people want to get into the water either out of fascination or to get photographs, but it is truly unsafe to be around this carcass with so much shark activity", agency official Jason Redull said.



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