Donald Trump to release findings of missile defense review

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspects a launching drill of the medium-and-long range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 at an undisclosed location in 2017

The Trump administration imposed crippling sanctions on North Korea aiming to force Kim Jong Un to abandon his nuclear weapons and missile programs.

US officials have said a space-based defense could help protect against weapons traveling at hypersonic speeds.

U.S. military officials have long stressed that America's missile defences are primarily created to counter attacks from countries with more limited arsenals, like North Korea, which USA intelligence officials believe is still advancing its nuclear programme despite a halt to missile launches past year. And he said the announcement Trump was expected to make on Thursday represented America's violating the spirit of missile disarmament.

Senior administration officials earlier signalled their interest in developing and deploying more effective means of detecting and tracking missiles with an array of satellites in space that could, for example, use advanced sensors to follow the full path of a hostile missile so that an anti-missile weapon could be directed into its flight path. The review will also note that further development of high-energy lasers could give the United States a cost-effective way to destroy missiles shortly after their launch in what is known as "boost phase".

Still, Russia views United States missile defense advances as a threat and Trump's report is likely to stoke tensions with Moscow.

The "multi-layers approach to preventing and defeating missiles attacks will move the United States towards a more flexible and balanced overall defense posture that provides the broadest set of options in a crisis or conflict and improve the overall likelihood to counter offensive missile attacks successfully", the report states.

Asked about the implications for Trump's efforts to improve relations with Russian Federation and strike better trade relations with China, an administration official said that the US defense capabilities are purely defensive and that the USA has been very upfront with Moscow and Beijing about its missile defense posture. The administration's strategy will possibly entail a new layer of spaced-based sensors to spot enemy missiles. While the Trump administration's strategy continues that focus, it adds a new objective as well: the defense of USA forces and allies from regional missile threats.

Insisting that USA allies bear a "fair" share of defense spending. The biggest single takeaway is the expanding definition of missile defense to more cohesively include non-ballistic threats, including cruise missiles and hypersonic weapons.

New missile defenses will not be designed fully for countering the large missile forces of China or Russian Federation and current nuclear deterrence strategy will seek to hold those missiles at risk.

The new strategy is aimed at better defending the United States against potential adversaries, such as Russian Federation and China, who have been developing and fielding a much more expansive range of advanced offensive missiles that could threaten America and its allies.

Trump will be accompanied by Vice President Mike Pence, national security adviser John Bolton, and senior military and defense officials. But Shanahan said that North Korea's missiles remain a "significant concern". "We will ensure that enemy missiles will find no sanctuary".

The document was even stronger.

The strategy also calls for investment into "new technologies", Trump said.

While the United States continues to pursue peace with North Korea, Pyongyang has made threats of nuclear missile attacks against the USA and its allies in the past and has worked to improve its ballistic missile technology. The increased funding is to pay for 20 new interceptor missiles and silos, a new homeland defense radar in Hawaii, and a salvo test to fire two interceptors at once at an incoming target.



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