Illinois Refuses Permit for Concert to Be Hosted By R. Kelly

R. Kelly evicted from Near West Side recording studio that doubled as residence

Since the release of the controversial docu-series on January 3, no charges have been filed; however, investigators are now looking into the multiple allegations of abuse.

Kelly partied it up with fans in a Chicago nightclub Friday night. And after Atlanta's announcement above, the Cook County State's Attorney office said that while it hadn't begun an investigation, the "huge response following the documentary" meant the office needed to explore whether there could be sufficient evidence for one.

I watched Surviving Kelly with growing disgust and horror, taking breaks because I could not stomach the gratuitous violence that his victims were describing.

But is R. Kelly fleeing the country?

About two years ago, Faith Rodgers says she was in a relationship with Kelly when she was 19, for almost a year before leaving. "In fact - although it may be a coincidence - Mr. Kelly was recently confronted by the police at Trump Tower in Chicago where he was residing". The 52-year-old singer was celebrating his birthday when police questioned him and booked his information when it was discovered there was no warrant for his arrest.

Editors at TMZ have reported that the women in question were Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, both of whom have had family members claim they have been brainwashed by Kelly.

Rodgers' attorney, Lydia Hill, added that Kelly also sent "some photos and text" and indicated if they "proceeded with the lawsuit these photos and images would be made public".

R. Kelly also owns a home in his hometown of Chicago. Whether we go back years to when he was with Aaliyah or we observe the more recent allegations of a "sex cult", the things Kelly has been accused of are awful.



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