Video shows Cody Parkey's field goal tipped by Eagles DT Treyvon Hester

Cody Parkey

Parkey missed a total of 11 field goals and extra points this season, so the next question is will the Bears bring him back next year or move on to a new kicker.

The snap went down, the kick went up, and the hearts of Chicago fans sank around the country.

Parkey spent the first two years of his career with Philadelphia-and was selected to the Pro Bowl his rookie campaign-prior to spending the next three seasons with three different teams (Browns, Dolphins and Bears). Rex Ryan says Parkey has to make that kick and he doesn't feel sorry for him. If not for a blocked kick the Bears would be moving on to the Divisional Round.

These comments, whether you consider them empty threats or not, are a downright disgrace.

You can read the full story on Sports Illustrated's website. Eagles defensive tackle Treyvon Hester appeared to have gotten a piece of the football with his right hand as it entered flight, which is likely the reason the kick tailed to the left and infamously doinked the upright.

The cover comes in the wake of the defending Super Bowl champions' 16-15 wild card upset over the Chicago Bears.

The Bears had a chance in the final seconds of the game to win.

The moment was instantly dubbed the "Double Doink" thanks to the sound made by the ball as it twice rebounded off the uprights and was referred to as such by a host of media outlets reviewing the game.



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