Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's very slippery slope on 'facts'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back At Dance Video Critics With Another Dance Video

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks with reporters after participating in a town hall with Kerri Evelyn Harris in Delaware. Ocasio-Cortez is a self-identified Democratic Socialist and supports universal health care, tuition-free public universities and criminal justice reform.

Steve Scalise (R-La.) shot back at Ocasio-Cortez, and things got ugly.

In addition to these examples, I also saw at least two right-leaning sites, including Reason, which wrote stories chiding the right for attacking AOC's dancing.

"So even as [Republicans] dunk on AOC as stupid or ignorant", Krugman concluded, "she's talking sense based on reputable economic research, while the whole GOP is talking nonsense from charlatans and cranks".

Tax rates should be progressive, not fixed, she said.

The result is that our articles are reaching fewer people at a time when we need genuinely independent news more than ever.

Who would pay higher taxes if Ocasio-Cortez's ideas somehow become a reality? No one asked how we paid for a $2 trillion tax cut.

Speaking on ABC's "The View" on Monday, co-host Whoopi Goldberg blasted the new darling of the Left, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for "pooping" on other Democrats and icily said Ocasio-Cortez should "sit still" and "learn the job" first.

Ally Sheedy, the actor who played Allison Reynolds in The Breakfast Club, and whose dance moves Ocasio-Cortez was imitating, said she was: "pretty happy 'bout it", later writing "I love this #teamAOC".

Asked directly if she believes he is a racist, she answered, "No question".

"The president certainly didn't invent racism, but he's certainly given a voice to it and expanded it and created a platform for those things", she said.

Ocasio-Cortez went on to attend and graduate from Boston University's College of Arts & Sciences in 2011, with a degree in economics and global relations.

"It's really great for people to keep thinking that", she said.

Prior to the 1980s, when President Ronald Reagan slashed tax rates for the wealthiest, the tax rate for any taxpayer that made more than $216,000 a year was 70 percent. I think I have been paying more than my "fair share" for a long time, but I would like to know so I can have some peace of mind that they will leave me alone when I get there.

Ocasio-Cortez's video was a response to an earlier post on Twitter of a leaked video of her dancing as a college student, in an attempt to embarrass the contentious, newly-sworn-in politician.

According to the OECD, single Swedish workers making over 867,000 SEK (around $98,000 at prevailing exchange rates) face a 70 percent overall marginal tax rate on all labor compensation earned above that threshold. "Abraham Lincoln made the radical decision to sign the Emancipation Proclamation".

The congresswoman, who has a strong social media presence, responded by posting a new video of her dancing in front of her office on Capitol Hill, writing: "I hear the GOP thinks women dancing are scandalous".



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