US Urges Increased Caution for Americans Traveling to China

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China is Canada's third-biggest trading partner, though dwarfed by the US, which trades eight times that amount, and comprises 50% of all Canadian imports and exports.

Former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor were among those detained by China as relations between the two countries worsened.

The South China Morning Post reported Friday the United States and China are set to meet again to discuss trade in Beijing next week. The three family members, all American citizens, arrived in China in June under United States passports to visit the ailing father of Liu's wife.

China's prosecutor-general said the two accused of endangering national security had violated the law "without a doubt".

Now, Global Affairs confirms 13 people from Canada have been taken into custody since early December - although, at least eight have since been released and returned to Canada.

Rob Malley, president of Brussels-based, said he thinks was in on a personal trip and definitely not for any illegal goal or any reason that would undermine 's national security.

A group of Canadian lawmakers travelling to China this weekend will use the trip to push for the release of two Canadians detained there since last month, says a Conservative MP in the delegation.

While the language was largely the same as earlier, the State Department warned of "arbitrary enforcement of local laws", sudden prohibitions on exiting the country and harassment of USA citizens of Chinese heritage.

A timeline of the Meng Wanzhou case, and rising tension between Canada and China. A source familiar with the conditions of Kovrig's detention says he is questioned three times a day and kept in a room with the lights on continuously.

The two were seized shortly after Canadian law enforcement officials arrested Meng Wanzhou, the head of Chinese telecom Huawei because of an extradition request by the United States.

"Either that, or it's a reaction to what they see as a kind of hostage crisis, now they've released the detainee who is most like an ordinary person", he said.

Washington has accused her of fraud for helping evade US sanctions against Iran. USA citizens of Chinese heritage may be subject to additional scrutiny, it adds.

Meng was released on a C$10 million ($7.4 million) bail on December 11 and is living in one of her two multi-million-dollar Vancouver homes as she fights extradition to the United States.



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