Tiffany Haddish gets support from fellow comedians after stand-up stumble

Tiffany Haddish Tiffany Haddish at the Hollywood Confidential Panel Series Los Angeles USA- 06 Jul 2018

Also, Drake's keeping his friends close and his frenemy's family even closer. based on who showed up to his New Year's Eve bash. The fact it was not for good reason is something Haddish has come forward and copped to.

Tiffany Haddish didn't really start 2019 on the best foot after she performed a live comedy set in Miami that had people walking out because it was so bad.

According to Deadline, fans walked out of Haddish's performance after she fumbled her material, reportedly forgetting some of her jokes while failing to land others.

Haddish ended her Instagram video with a bit of humor stating "Thank you boo, I love you for loving me, this lil raccoon is so cute".

"This is going to be on TMZ or whatever", she stated.

The comedian, who admitted to being out the night before, later took to Twitter to post an article about the disappointing show and wrote: "Yes this happened".

"I get out to Miami, I want to celebrate all this prosperity, this greatness or whatever's been happening and I might have went a little bit overboard".

The 39-year-old actress and comedian is ready to put the past behind her after owning up to giving a less-than-stellar stand-up performance in Miami on New Year's Eve.

"I honestly feel so sad for you!" said another.

I went to go see if @TiffanyHaddish was actually amusing.

"This will probably be the only time you will ever see me like this because I'm never doing this again". Unfortunately, the Twitter user said she wasn't.

"This is the price of fame when you're a comic. No REAL comic never bombs".

Haddish tried a few jokes about her family, but they didn't fly.



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