Watch the ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Movie Trailer, Premiere Date Set on Netflix

Netflix reveal new details about Black Mirror's choose your own adventure episode

The episode, labelled as a "Black Mirror Event" is built on the release of a new adventure video game - Bandersnatch - in the 1980s which is based upon a book of the same name in the episode.

Bandersnatch's first trailer came out on YouTube on Thursday, a day before the film's December 28 release on the streaming platform.

Now, you might be wondering, instead of restarting the entire thing over and over again (Sugar Puffs or Frosties?!?!), is there an easier way to see all of the different endings? Sounds gimmicky, complicated? It might be, but it's also pretty cool.

This is because it uses the interactive storytelling trope Netflix has been trialling with its kids content.

Netflix is calling Bandersnatch its first "interactive film", which seems like an aptly subversive way to further twist the literal meaning of the word film. It isn't just an episode of the popular dark sci-fi series, it's a Netflix Interactive Film.

If that really is what Charlie Brooker and Netflix have created, it could change the way we experience streaming shows forever.

"To give you an idea, to write the treatment for this show, I had to learn a programming language". Just hit the buttons on the top of this page. "That should've been the first distress flare".

At various points in the story, the viewer must choose what happens next. It has over 5 hours of footage available.

Bandersnatch comes with five possible endings. It works on iOS but not on Apple TVs or Smart TVs.

That's because Bandersnatch is a "choose your own adventure" style story. In true Black Mirror fashion, these choices start off relatively benign, before morphing into nigh-impossible moral quandaries as the story progresses.

It took 35 days to shoot Bandersnatch in its entirety, and as revealed in the THR profile, this interactive film was actually two years in the making.

Netflix is also referenced in another post-credits scene after the "main" episode - ie Stefan's story from 1984 - where the tale of Bandersnatch is brought up to date.



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