'PUBG Mobile' Has Over 200 Million Users

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[Source: Variety] It was reported by the news outlets that the 200 million player mark was hit by Fortnite by November 26th, so it is possible that more have started the game since then. These numbers consist of download and plays on both iOS and Android platforms globally.

PUBG Mobile is the new sensation in mobile gaming and every time there's a new update arriving, players drool in anticipation. The map is the fourth in the series of previous 3. The mobile gaming title already now offers players three maps - Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok, with Sanhok being the newest in the list. It seems that the map will still take one more day to roll out in India. The map measures 6km x 6km in size and includes terrains such as mountains and snow desserts.

You can check out the trailer for the new PUBG map below. The tutorial video explained each and every part of the Vikendi survival pass including the new coupon system which can be used to obtain free skins and items from the coupon shop.

The games new patch notes are not yet available for this latest update, but unofficially, they might have already been revealed. Finally, the update now gets a settings that allows the game to work with phones with a notched display.

In addition, the notice also stated that anyone who updates the game before December 25th will get Outfit Box III (7d) x1 and 1,888 BP. Several players of PUBG MOBILE have been receiving notifications on their devices before logging into the game. Especially when you add in the new vehicle, getting around Vikendi couldn't be more fun. While there are quite a few Android emulators for Windows PCs, not all of them are capable enough to run PUBG Mobile, with some facing performance issues and others not supporting accurate key-mapping.

PUBG Mobile has also included a layout for players with large hands, new commands for Quick Chat, and season spending awards. Given that Vikendi is a winter map, you can also expect snow as a new weather condition.



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