Justice Ginsburg has surgery to remove cancerous growths

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has two cancerous growths removed from lung

The Supreme Court announced Friday that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had two cancerous nodules removed from her left lung's lower lobe in an operation known as a lobectomy.

The court said that there are no remaining signs of cancer in her body after the treatment, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NY. She went on to say that she had resumed her vaunted fitness regiment with her personal trainer after fracturing three ribs in a November fall at her chambers in the Supreme Court. But the information from Ginsburg's office indicates that it was most likely stage 1, as they said "no further treatment is planned".

Mathisen and other thoracic surgeons said Justice Ginsburg's prognosis ultimately will depend on the pathology findings, which will not be available until days after the surgery.

There is no evidence of any remaining disease or evidence of disease elsewhere in the body, the Court said.

She said in an interview earlier this year that she thinks she has at least five more years on the Supreme Court.

A lobectomy can be recommended if a person is diagnosed with COPD, has lung cancer or benign tumors, according to the American Lung Association. She was able to recover and return to the court in due time.

News of Ginsburg's latest bout with cancer is yet another blow to the Supreme Court's liberals, now outnumbered 5-4 on the nation's highest court.

When Ginsburg had her initial fall, she required x-rays in order for doctors to properly assess her injury. In 2014, doctors placed a stent in her right coronary artery to improve blood flow after she reported discomfort following routine exercise.

January 26, 2007 - In a speech at Suffolk Law School, she says she dislikes being the only woman on the Supreme Court.

August 10, 1993 - Is sworn in as Supreme Court Justice filling the seat held by Justice Byron White. She only missed one non-argument session while she was injured.

Since then, she has been a reliable member of the court's liberal wing, defending abortion rights and same-sex marriage. In 2009, she was sent to the hospital following a bad reaction to medicine. She penned three of the highest court's 13 decisions last term and has hired clerks for the term that extends into 2020.



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