White House orders Pentagon to pull troops from Syria immediately

Illustrative US military forces in Syria in April 2018

"We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency", Mr. Trump tweeted.

On Wednesday, Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen issued a strongly worded statement calling Trump's decision "dangerous".

Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said this month that the USA needed to train thousands of local fighters to ensure a lasting defeat of the terror group.

The withdrawal of US troops comes as the USA approaches an end of a coalition campaign to recapture territory once controlled by IS. Graham said his trip to Syria earlier this year made it "abundantly clear the approximately 2,000 American troops stationed there are vital to our national security interests".

Trump, taking to his favorite medium of Twitter, declared the defeat of the Islamic State extremist movement, which he said was the sole reason for the presence of 2,000 troops in Syria.

Syria has been in a state of conflict since 2011, with numerous opposition groups and terrorist organizations fighting the Syrian Arab Army in an attempt to topple the government of Bashar Assad.

Top Republican senators compared Trump's move to former President Barack Obama's decision to withdraw all us troops from Iraq in 2011. Earlier this month, Turkey threatened to send forces into Syria to drive back SDF fighters from positions near the border. "We continue our normal operations, including observation posts in the border region to address the security concerns of our North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally Turkey", the alliance stated. "A shift in USA policy that would remove American troops from Northeast Syria would jeopardize the gains U.S.troops and their partner Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, have fought-and sacrificed-to achieve", she continued.

Northern Syria, where the USA troops are located, is under Kurdish control. The news was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. "So that will take some time", he said, according to Bloomberg News.

The decision signals a halt to an extended American ground campaign against the Islamic State and upends plans across the US government - articulated by senior officials as recently as this week - for an ongoing mission to stabilize areas once controlled by the militants.

"The bottom line is that the American withdrawal from eastern Syria will create a power vacuum that will lead to a new phase of global conflict in Syria", she said in a telephone interview. "On the contrary, it's still operational and active-witness all the activity in western Iraq", Chris Meserole, a Middle East expert at the Washington D.C. -based Brookings Institution, told Newsweek. But in fact, ISIS still controls pockets of territory in the region.

Hikmat Habib, a Syrian Kurdish, said he has not yet seen any evidence of a withdrawal, but added that the move is "part of the disagreement between influential states in Syria: American-Turkish disagreements, American-Russian disagreements".

This shouldn't come as a surprise to observers of the US strategy in Syria, headed by Defense Secretary James Mattis, which entirely ignored Iran's expansion into the region. "We left Iraq, and had to come back". "There may be a new mechanism for resolving the Syrian crisis" based on political processes and United Nations resolutions.



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