Theresa May survives bid to topple her

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The prime minister said she hoped to "assuage" the concerns of Tory MPs who voted against her by seeking legal "assurances" from European Union leaders that the backstop plan to prevent the return of a hard border in Northern Ireland would be temporary. Keep refreshing this page for the latest updates.

"A joke tweeted by the Lithuanian leader cut through, a little blunter: "#Brexit Christmas wish: "Finally decide what you really want and Santa will deliver", she wrote.

According to the unnamed source a "considerable number of Tory MPs" desperate to remove May, and could also back the opposition in a last-ditch attempt to get the party to install a new leader, the Huffington Post reports.

He called on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to "come off the fence" and back another public vote on Brexit.

Despite victory, the vote shows that over a third of Conservative MPs are opposed to Ms May's leadership.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to "listen" and work across parties to deliver Brexit after dramatically surviving a no-confidence vote. The main sticking point, as it has been nearly from the start of negotiations, is the post-Brexit relationship between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and the backstop proposal to cover against any future re-imposition of a hard border between the two.

Brexit could finally split the Tories, a former cabinet minister warned today as rancorous internal feuding continued in the wake of last night's confidence vote in Theresa May. Despite the secret nature of the confidence ballot, this "payroll vote" should have all voted to retain May as leader-because if they do not support her, they should resign from the government.

We would be in the single market without having a say on the rules. Probably not. Those MPs nearly certainly don't want a General Election, which would put their jobs on the line and potentially see the most left-wing Labour leader ever get power.

In short, the United Kingdom wants a legal guarantee to ensure they are not locked into the EU single market and customs union indefinitely in the event no trade agreement is agreed after the two year negotiation period.

Ireland is stepping up its preparations for a no-deal Brexit with additional measures at ports and airports but not at the land border with Northern Ireland.

The scale of the rebellion against May was significantly larger than most predictions, suggesting that she still has a mountain to climb to win over her party in order to pass her Brexit plans through parliament.

She said this must involve "politicians of all sides coming together and acting in the national interest". Brexit fatigue is very real, and the British people just want it over, but the question remains, how? MPs have not forgiven her for an historic miscalculation in calling the 2017 general election in which the party lost seats and ended up relying on the small Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to retain power. Will a general election be needed? She bought herself time and gained tactical advantage over her internal enemies.

"I've already met [Irish Premier] Leo Varadkar, I'm going to be addressing the European Council later and I'll be showing the legal and political assurances that I believe we need to assuage the concerns that MPs have on this issue". "The EU have made it crystal clear they aren't changing so that is the position under the law, and the government will have no business changing the law between now and the 29th of March".

The Labour leader accused the government of behaving in a "totally unacceptable way" to the House of Commons.

Conservative MPs were voting from 6.00pm to 8.00pm in a parliamentary committee room, with results of the confidence vote due at 9.00pm (5.00am Singapore time Thursday).

What Happens If May Still Can't Get the Votes for Brexit?



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