Marine rescued after 2 military aircraft crash off coast of Japan

US Marine aircraft suffer 'mishap' off Japanese coast, search-and-rescue underway

Two United States Marine aircraft are reported to have crashed off the coast of Japan today.

"Search and rescue operations continue for U.S. Marine aircraft that were involved in a mishap off the coast of Japan around 2:00 a.m. December 6", a press release from the Marine Corps said, according to Task and objective. Search and rescue operations were underway at the scene.

"Two Marine Corps aviators were administratively disciplined following the completion of an investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding an October 23 irregular flight pattern that resulted in an obscene image", said Maj.

It was unclear if United States military officials were also assisting with the search. Japanese officials said two crew members were in the F/A-18, and five others in the KC-130.

Early reports that surfaced on Twitter report that an F/A-18 (unspecified variant) and a C-130 crashed into the sea with a total of seven crewmembers on board.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force, which dispatched aircraft and vessels to join the rescue operation, said Japanese rescuers found one of the crew members in stable condition.

The US military has about 50,000 troops stationed in Japan and accidents are not uncommon.



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