Fortnite Creative is a powerful sandbox mode for the battle royale juggernaut

Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store

Epic's move comes days after Valve recently upped the revenue split for top-earning Steam games. Epic basically serves as the middleman between streamers and YouTubers, helping developers to get the word out about their games and creators to get a revenue share.

A wintery theme has been confirmed for Season 7 with the first teaser from Epic Games showing a menacing character in an ice crown. Developers can directly reach out to players, players can support content creators, and developers can reward content creators for promoting their games to players. For many older fans, the one Epic Games title they're waiting for information on is the upcoming Unreal Tournament. The other is a PvE mode called Save the World and was originally all the game was meant to be about. The Epic Games store is Epic Games' challenge to the Steam store which is notorious for its 30% cut from the developers. "But with developers receiving 88% of revenue and Epic receiving 12%, this store will be a profitable business for us".

Epic Games has already given us a Playground mode that gives players an hour to do whatever they want. 'Thanks to the success of Fortnite, we now have this and are ready to share it with other developers.

Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store
Epic Games confirms it's launching its own store

Big questions for the store include how will Epic curate the store and what games can get on. Better digital storefronts are desperately needed. It is similar to the creative mode in the block-building game Minecraft, in which players can similarly create their own buildings and landscapes without worrying about being attacked. The options provided are immediately familiar for anyone's who's played around in Forge, too - there are basic free-for-all or deathmatch modes available, you can assign teams, time limits and spawn locations. There will be no store-placed ads or cross-marketing of competing games on your page, and no paid ads in search results.

It is unclear how gamers will benefit from the Store as Epic Games has not revealed anything about the Store's functionality and features.



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