TV Brexit debate between May and Corbyn 'dereliction of duty by BBC'

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May arrives ahead of the G20 leaders summit in Buenos Aires Argentina on Thursday. — Reuters

British Prime Minister Theresa May accused the opposition Labour Party of betraying the British people by trying to stop Brexit as she went on the offensive Friday in her battle to win approval of the widely criticized divorce agreement she negotiated with the European Union.

With the debate taking place just two days before MPs in the Commons have their crunch vote on Mrs May's proposed withdrawal deal, Mr Brown argued more should be done to include alternative views.

Asked about a no-deal scenario, Dr Fox told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Well, I think, as Roberto Azevedo, director-general of the World Trade Organisation, said, it wouldn't be a disaster, but it wouldn't be a walk in the park either".

How these MPs decide to vote could be crucial in determining whether Mrs May can get the deal through Parliament - or the difference between a narrow defeat and a huge loss.

May answered: "It will be a decision for parliament".

"If you look at the Labour Party's amendment, it doesn't put forward a concrete alternative".

"There is a huge democratic deficit coming our way if we agree to this deal, because we've no say over the rules that will apply to Northern Ireland", she added.

She does not wish to do that, because she fears it would make it far easier for her MPs to vote against her on December 11, because they would know their votes were conscience-salving protest votes, rather than deal-destroying and possibly government-wrecking extreme sabotage. I think we should remember that we gave the vote to the British people as to whether or not to leave the EU.

Alternatively, if enough MPs indicate they have changed their minds after voting the deal down, it could be held again, but it would be up to the Speaker to decide whether to allow that. "This is about what is in the national interest".

She got a vote of confidence Saturday from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who praised May's "leadership" in sealing the Brexit agreement.

He replied: "I don't see why it should". Meanwhile three former Labour foreign secretaries have warned of the damage to British influence around the world if the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

Mr Gyimah said the Prime Minister had been right to call time on a negotiation which had been "stacked against us" for the start and offered a foretaste of what was to come under the terms of her agreement.

Many members of Parliament oppose the deal because it leaves details of the future relationship between Britain and the European Union to be negotiated during a transition period that will last least 21 months. "But then we didn't win 100 percent of the vote (in the referendum)", Gove wrote.

"The day after the prime minister's stage-managed visit to Scotland, during which she failed to engage with any politicians or individuals who oppose her proposals, this unique and positive cooperation between four of the five parties at Holyrood indicates Scotland's strength of feeling on Brexit and the prime minister's untenable position, as well as illustrating the isolation of the (Conservatives) on this matter", they said in a joint statement.



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