NASA Scientists Have Revealed The Inspiration Behind Their Viral Handshake

NASA engineers celebrated InSight landing with NFL handshake

The spacecraft was launched from California in May on its almost US$1 billion mission.

NASA's InSight is created to learn about both Mars and the formation of the solar system itself.

When InSight entered the atmosphere the lander itself will be protected by its heat shield.

"The aim is to understand how Mars has formed, how it differentiated and how much is it different to our planet". Sensors measure weather and magnetic field variations. "The success of these two unique missions is a tribute to the hundreds of talented engineers and scientists who put their genius and labor into making this a great day".

This latest successful mission to Mars is a welcome demonstration of the power of human foresight and scientific planning, in the face of the promotion of irrationalism and anti-science prejudice by both the political right and the pseudo-left.

The lander survived what scientists referred to as "seven minutes of terror" as it touched down on the red planet.

These charge the probe's batteries each day to help it carry out its missions that include listening for seismic vibrations in Mars, shedding light on the planet's interior structure, and estimating how many meteorites might batter/are on a collision course with the planet.

The 360kg (880 pounds) InSight - its name is short for Interior Exploration Using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport - marks the 21st United States. -launched Mars mission, dating back to the Mariner fly-bys of the 1960s.

Are there any other missions to Mars planned?

The team at Aerojet Rocketdyne has been watching the progress of the mission anxiously since the launch vehicle sent the spacecraft on its way, through its long flight from Earth to Mars, and then in the final, terrifying moments as the craft approached the surface of the red planet.

InSight's primary instrument is a French-built seismometer, created to record the slightest vibrations from "marsquakes" and meteor impacts around the planet. Still, this second largest volcanic region on Mars is an ideal place for InSight to land because of the science it is created to perform.

InSight will begin to collect science data within the first week after landing, though the teams will focus mainly on preparing to set InSight's instruments on the Martian ground.

InSight's mission voyage to Mars and ongoing communications will also be supported by the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC), which is managed by the CSIRO on behalf of NASA.

Meanwhile, a radio transmitter will send back signals tracking Mars' subtle rotational wobble to reveal the size of the planet's core and possibly whether it remains molten. We are just about due north of Curiosity, which actually makes it a little bit of a traffic jam on Mars in the sense that the data that we bring back from the surface of Mars is relayed through basically telecommunication orbiters.



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