Largest 'Knickers' in Australia Eats 30Kg of Grass Each Day

Knickers towers over the rest of the herd. Credit Seven News

According to Australia's ABC News, 7-year-old Knickers, a Holstein Friesian, is double the weight of the average animal of its breed and more than a foot and a half taller.

He's now set to enjoy a long and happy life at the Lake Preston feedlot in Myalup, 136km (85 miles) south of Perth.

Knickers' massive 30kg-a-day diet is a mix of natural green pasture and rations of cereal grain, and though he has always been a big eater, Mr Pearson puts his size mostly down to genetics. One steer in Australia has avoided the slaughterhouse by simply being too big.

Even The Weather Channel wrote about Knickers: "Meet Knickers, the Towering Australian Steer Too Large for Auction" Though he probably isn't affecting the climate around him too much. He's a hit with the other cattle, who follow him around the paddocks in their hundreds.

Mr Pearson said: "He's our favourite and one of our best assets, he's part of the furniture now".

'He's just getting on with his job, which is basically just eating and sleeping, ' he said.

According to the Guinness World Records, the biggest living steer in the world is a chianina ox named Bellino, who was more than 6 feet 7 inches tall when he was measured in Rome, Italy in 2010.

Unlike the rest of his pals, Knickers will be permitted to live out the rest of his days on the Western Australia plains, as they can't bring themselves to butcher him.

Owner Geoff Pearson said that Knickers' sheer size saved him from the abattoir.



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