Trump defends Ivanka's use of personal email

11 2017 shows US President-elect Donald Trump talking to his daughter Ivanka during a press conference at Trump Tower in New York

"My goal is to prevent this from happening again - not to turn this into a spectacle the way Republicans went after Hillary Clinton", Cummings told the Post.

Shortly after the reports, the Democrats said they would probe Ivanka Trump's use of a personal email account to determine whether she violated federal law.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump defended Ivanka, calling concerns of potential wrongdoing "fake news", while drawing a distinction between his daughter's email use and Clinton's.

"They aren't classified like Hillary Clinton".

The House Oversight and Government Reform committee began looking into private email use a year ago after reports by Politico revealed that Ivanka Trump's husband, Jared Kushner, and other White House officials had been using private email for government purposes in possible violation of the Presidential Records Act and other federal record-keeping laws.

And, according to The Washington Post, a spokesperson for her attorney and ethics counsel, one Abbe Lowell, said Ivanka occasionally used her private email for government correspondence before she was briefed on the rules.

Representatives for the White House did not respond to a request for comment.

But American Oversight called her personal email use a "blatant derogation of the law".

Scaramucci added that he didn't think the use of personal email accounts by either Ivanka or Clinton was unintentional.

"It's possible that Ivanka, like her father, assumes that rules are for other people and not the Trumps", he writes.

"She's pleading ignorance to the rules", Sunny Hostin said. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said on CNN. "[Ivanka] wasn't doing anything to hide her emails". "There should be some kind of investigative effort".

Trump foes were quick to point out the news was reminiscent of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who came under fire when it was revealed she relied exclusively on a private email server after she had already been in government service for years.

Clinton's email practices as secretary of state prompted an FBI investigation that overshadowed the 2016 election and still draws ire from Trump and calls from his supporters to "lock her up". The White House has since not shared the findings of that review with Congress.

"It's hypocritical, and, certainly, it looks bad".

Welch, who has served on the oversight committee as a senior member, has said there is a debate within the Democratic caucus about whether to focus on investigating President Donald Trump's administration or to concentrate on legislative initiatives.

"Accordingly, there is reason to doubt the efficacy of the White House's efforts".

Johnson, however, said that the Ivanka Trump situation does not appear to be as problematic, in his view, of the Clinton controversy.



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