Technical problem prompted alert call from Lion jet's earlier flight

Divers In Indonesia Find Crashed Airliner's 'Black Box'

Authorities told broadcaster Metro TV the bags were taken to a hospital for identification, with more expected overnight. "After narrowing the possible location, 'I started digging and cleaning the debris until I finally found an orange object, ' he said, standing on the deck of a ship next to his diving mate".

There were 189 people on board flight JT610 of budget airline Lion Air when ground staff lost contact with the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft early on Monday, 13 minutes after it had left the airport in Jakarta, the capital.

Lion Air, a low-priced carrier, was barred from flying in USA or European Union airspace due to its poor safety record.

The black boxes, containing a flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder, could shed light on what was happening on the aircraft during its last minutes of flight.

Officials displayed one of the jet's two flight recorders at a news conference Thursday evening, later confirmed to be the flight data recorder, and said they would immediately attempt to download information and begin an analysis.

In a statement, Lion Air said human remains had been collected in 24 body bags after sweeps of the crash site, which is about 15 km off the coast to the northeast of Jakarta.

The data it holds should provide clues to what went wrong.


But investigators will look at everything from catastrophic mechanical failure and pilot error to weather conditions or unusual cockpit activity that could point to a hijacking or pilot suicide, they said. The National Transport Safety Committee (NTSC) said it would examine the device to get a clearer picture of what happened on the flight from Bali on Sunday in addition to the flight that crashed on Monday.

The steel-encased memory unit of the recovered flight recorder had separated from its base plate, showing the plane hit the sea at tremendous speed, he said.

"The currents below the sea are still strong which makes it hard for divers, but they persistently faced it", he said.

Her father and others knelt by the grave, which was sprinkled with red, white and yellow flowers, and prayed. "The official must concentrate on the examination, it has a legal basis, this is the result of my meeting with all directors and the Director General of Air Transportation", he said at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday, October 31.

Boeing and the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are taking part in the probe.

The doomed jet went down from 4,850 feet (1,479 meters) altitude in just 21 seconds, according to data compiled by FlightRadar24, a flight-tracking system. Then is could take as long as six months for all of the data to be properly analyzed by flight safety experts.

But Lion's admission that the plane had an unspecified technical issue on a previous flight - as well as the plane's abrupt nose dive just 12 minutes after takeoff - have raised questions about whether the plane had any faults specific to the newly released model.

Earlier, Budi said Lion Air flight JT610, which served the Jakarta-Pangkal Pinang route, had been certified airworthy and had a valid airworthiness certificate and aircraft registration on the day of the accident.



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