Canadian mother reunited with son abducted as toddler almost 31 years ago

HANDOUT  Missing Children Society of Canada

Lyneth's son was abducted in 1987 and finally reunited with her 31 years later.

Officials allege the elder Mann had abducted his son during a court-ordered visit in Toronto in 1987, and then fled across the border.

Mann Jr. obtained bogus documents for the pair, and told Jeremy that his mother had died decades ago. "I wanted to feel if he's real", Lyneth Mann-Lewis, the mother, told reporters Monday.

Mr Mann appeared briefly in the federal court in Hartford, facing charges of making false statements in transactions with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

After facing his charges in the United States, the father is expected to be extradited to face an abduction charge in Canada.

The father and son had been living under aliases in a Hartford suburb.

They spoke for hours, she said, and she made sure to cook him a meal before she flew back to Canada.

"All things are possible".

In an emotional statement, Jamaican-Canadian, Lyneth Mann-Lewis, mother of Jermaine Mann said, "Our constant worrying is finally over".

Banks says Toronto police also conducted investigations but could not find a connection to Canada and their "leads went cold".

Jermaine Mann, now 33, had been living with his father in the Vernon, Connecticut, under a false name.

"I was sitting there wondering in my mind what was going to happen", she said.

On Thursday, Mann-Lewis was informed that U.S. Marshals - using technology such as facial identification - had located her son living with his biological father outside of Hartford, Connecticut.

A Toronto-area mother who spent three anguished decades wondering whether her son was alive or dead said their recent, happy reunion should offer hope to other families grappling with the pain of missing a child. A forensic specialist then analyzed a photo of Mr. Mann alongside the driver's licence photo of a man named Hailee DeSouza, and determined that they were likely the same person.

The investigation has involved multiple USA agencies as well as Toronto police and the RCMP.

Now Mann-Lewis was coming to CT to see her son, a grown man working for the state of CT.

Flanked by officials with the Missing Children Society, she said she agonized over the pending reunion, especially after her original flight to CT was cancelled and the party had to catch a later flight.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said the arrest was good news, but the reunion was even better.

The local paper reported that Jermaine sobbed quietly in the front row with his head in his hands. "As you can imagine, this is a hard time for all of us", she said.

"I am the proof that after 31 long years of suffering - 31 long years - one should never give up".



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