1 student shot at North Carolina high school, police say

A student opened fire at Butler High School on Monday striking a classmate police said

A student has been confirmed dead after a shooting at Butler High School Monday morning.

Matthews is located about 22 miles southeast of Charlotte.

Butler High school did stay open all day.

Wilcox' comment appeared to imply that the shooter was the person who was bullied, but Tyrrell later wouldn't specify whether it was the suspect or the victim who was bullied.

Officials said the shooting happened in a main hallway after a fight between the suspect and victim.

The resource officer found the injured victim, tried to give aid and immediately called for a school lockdown.

Students remained inside with the school on lockdown for about two hours after the shooting. Police believe the shooting was an "isolated incident", and authorities have secured campus. Initial reports indicate that the conflict started with bullying that spiraled out of control, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Clayton Wilcox. Wilcox said this was because students could only be released to family members or guardians.

Hordes of parents rushed to Butler when they heard about the shooting around 7:15 a.m.

Students hold candles during a vigil at Butler High School on Monday night.

"Everyone at that time that was in 500 hall like me, and saw what happened, (I know) that you were in fear for your life as well", she said.

"This is really sad to see someone go that. has been your friend, for I don't know how many years", Sanchez said. She said the shooting has the school community in disbelief.

"There are no other threats or dangers to any of the students or staff, or anyone in the area of the school", Captain Stason Tyrrell of the Matthews Police Department told reporters near the school. "What makes it doubly hard is that it was one of our students who was the shooter", he said.

'There really is no easy answer. Those upgrades included hardened doors, perimeter fencing, reinforced glass, surveillance cameras, additional locks and locksmiths, but no metal detectors. The mother of a student, Christina Sawyer, told WBTV, "She said there was just an argument and that the argument turned into him brandishing a gun". We have contacted Charlotte-Mecklenburg authorities and will assist in any way we can, but of course our first thoughts are for the parents and other loved ones of the student who passed away. And today, that simply wasn't enough'.

"As we get more information it is critical that we come together to do everything in our power to prevent these incidents from happening and keep guns out of our schools", Cooper said.

"I can just tell you that the shooter was taken into custody by Matthews Police Department, and his family is aware as well", Tyrrell said. "We will review procedures and security plans and perhaps will do things that are a little more aggressive".

Before the lockdown was lifted, dozens of parents gathered outside of the school to await word on the students. I want to extend my deepest condolences to the family and friends of this young man, and to everyone affected at Butler High School.



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