Tom Hardy says his favourite 40 minutes Of 'Venom' were cut

WESTWOOD CA- OCTOBER 01 Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams attend the premiere of Columbia

The Chicago Tribune also writes - with a certain disdain for the big Marvel and DC film-universe tentpoles - that a real mess of a movie is "so much more thrilling than any of the formulaic superhero movies that parade through multiplexes all year".

In "Venom", which opens Friday, Hardy plays both Eddie Brock, a Bay Area digital journalist, and Venom, Brock's alien symbiote that imbues Eddie with superpowers when not also challenging his self-esteem - as if Eddie's hosting a mighty parasite who's also an insult comic.

Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times called Venom "pretty weak poison", and noted that, while it's not quite "terrible", the film "tells a stale, workmanlike origin story, cursorily updated with drive-by references to climate change and fake news, and outfitted with cheaply serviceable visual effects".

Will Spider-Man make a cameo in the film? Depending on the storyline, Venom can be a villain or an anti-hero and even an ally to the web-slinger. Either way, I laughed a lot. "They're hoping I might help them identify some additional bodies". "I found somebody who I have a relationship with and love working with. They see straight through your fantasies". You are Spider-Man.

The inmate says he can "turn it on if you want", offering to go into detail about the patterns of arterial spray. You can decide whether to detour from your objective to fight low-level street crime or stick to pursuing the more eclectic villains from Spider-Man's rogues' gallery. What else do you rubes want?

This isn't a Joker situation, where we're rolling our eyes at the very idea of it (even if we still can't look away), nor is it a situation where we're enthusiastic about the potential of something different and a bit unconventional, like with Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, or even the upcoming Aquaman. The alien matter splattering itself around like random tentacled liquid, the way Venom cross-breeds Spider-Man's skyscraper-hopping agility with the Hulk's dynamo destructiveness - it's all diverting eye candy. Similarly, the voice acting in Marvel's Spider-Man is excellent, and the story is co-written by Dan Slott and Christos Cage, key writers of Spider-Man comics in recent years. Nasim Kuenzel of the Cameo said Hardy is expected to do a question and answer session. I couldn't agree more, and I'm going to bring it up when the next wave of Marvel characters arrives in the early 2020s.

Roughly speaking, that's the same approach Marvel took when it built its B-list cinematic universe: by treating B-listers like A-listers (which is what they eventually became). Venom is an edgelord nineties comics character, personified by being a dark reflection of Spidey that foregoes responsibility in favor of feeding insatiable hunger and wrecking up the place to excess.

The experience of watching Venom is similar to the failed experimentation on human test subjects depicted in the new film's long slog of a first hour. With its double post credits sequences, it paved the way for a surprising reveal, a sequel, and some hype for another Spider-adjacent movie entirely. It's a second-rate cash-in.



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