Microsoft Announces October 2018 Update for Windows 10 IoT

Microsoft Launcher 5.0 for Android brings new Feed UI, Timeline support, and more

This is the third Windows 10 LTSC release since Microsoft began rolling out regular feature updates to Windows 10.

This is actually a pretty cool productivity feature on the new Windows 10 update. And, hey, maybe you'll learn something new that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

This update is another move by Microsoft to position Android devices as the flawless mobile companions to Windows 10 desktops and laptops.

In the meantime those affected are advising other users to hold back from installing the update.

There are a number of incremental tweaks and new features for Windows 10, but the three probably main draws for this iteration of the operating system would be a phone-based expansion to the Timeline Feature, the new Cloud Clipboard, and the Your Phone app.

You should see the Windows 10 October Update hitting your PC right now, or very soon - check now and it should even be there, ready. The new feature will let you jump from your PC's edge browser to the scroll through the same content on your phone and vice versa and also works with documents if you use Microsoft's Office apps on your phone. Desktop App Assure - a new service for Windows 10 Enterprise and Education users - will help fast track app-compatibility resolution for those migrating to Windows 10. Microsoft says you will be able to pick a time that suits to you to install the update and reboot your PC.

This time around, we're not getting significant features with the Windows Security app.

Microsoft presenting Windows 10 app mirroring at its Surface event in New York City
The Verge

Microsoft has not yet responded to a request for comment, and there are various theories as to the cause, ranging from it being linked to a group policy setting to an error in how Windows moves files from the previous version of Windows 10. The bad news is that it may take technical assistance to recreate your profile and retrieve the user files if you're not tech savvy.

Cloud Clipboard works a bit like Timeline, only this time, it allows you to copy and paste stuff you find on one Windows machine onto a different Windows machine.

One of the more serious issues being reported is major data loss, as large quantities of files that would normally appear in the User folder are missing. If you're interested, we will let you know how you can set it up and use the new app on Windows 10 version 1809. You can add as many tiles as you can and when you expand the folder, you'll see a new option to name it.

The latest Windows 10 version is also compatible with Nvidia's latest "Ray Tracing" technology that's said to make lighting more realistic for video games. I suppose it's nice to have, especially if you're planning on upgrading to Nvidia's latest 20-series "RTX" graphics cards.

Moreover, Microsoft has expanded text suggestions, which debuted in the April 2018 update, to over fifty languages.

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