Google to donate Dollars 1 million towards Indonesia quake relief

People survey damage outside a shopping mall following the tsunami in Palu

Sutopo said that the authorities made a decision to open the mass grave in order to bury the victims who have already been identified and to prevent the spread of disease.

"Our funding has been going down every year", agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said. At least 29 are still missing.

People were sleeping in the open, wary of returning to their homes. We were shouting, people were screaming God is Great. Authorities said that "tens to hundreds" of people were by the ocean in Palu for a beach festival when the tsunami struck on Friday.

Fuel shortage was affecting power generators, which were now the only source of electricity in the city and were also being used for emergency communication.

About 3,000 residents flocked to Palu's airport on Monday, trying to board military aircraft or one of the few commercial flights using the facility only partially operating due to damage.

Indonesian president Joko Widodo arrived in the region Sunday afternoon to see the devastation for himself.

The European Union, the U.S. and China are among more than 10 countries who have offered assistance.

"The Singapore Government will work closely with the Indonesian government in the delivery of our humanitarian assistance, and will be guided by the needs and priorities outlined by the Indonesian government", said the ministry.

Indonesian authorities are scrambling to get aid and rescue equipment into quake-hit Sulawesi island and are starting to bury some of the more than 1,200 dead, while shaken survivors flee their ruined homes in search of food and shelter.

Power has yet to be restored in the area and access by land to outlying villages has been disrupted by broken roads, landslides and downed bridges.

This aerial picture shows the remains of the Roa Roa hotel.

"The scale of the damage from the quake and tsunami is huge and there are fears many people are trapped under collapsed buildings like hotels and supermarkets", says Ancilla Bere, Oxfam's Humanitarian Manager in Indonesia.

The current and former mayor of Palu were among the dead.

Meanwhile, questions are being raised about why the country's meteorological agency lifted the tsunami warning just over half an hour after the quake, possibly making a bad situation worse.



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