US Imposes 10% Tariff on Certain Auto Glass Imported From China

The Latest: Sec. Ross: Americans won't feel trade-war sting

The list includes 5,745 full or partial lines of the original 6,031 tariff lines that were on a proposed list of Chinese imports announced in July. Laminated safety glass, windshields of size and shape suitable for incorporation in vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft or vessels were mentioned, as well as laminated safety glass (other than windshields) of size and shape suitable for incorporation in vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft or vessels.

While Monday's tariff may come too soon for some USA companies importing Chinese products, they still have a window of more than three months before duties surge on January 1. These tariffs will also go into effect September 24, 2018. China, which bought only $130 billion in American goods previous year, has imposed or threatened tariffs on $110 billion in US products.

We thank for reprint permission. Trump has got the trade war he was clearly itching for, and it's a much bigger deal than his spat with the European Union or his bullying of Canada.

"Unfortunately, the proposed tariffs have the potential to undermine these" plans, the Walmart letter warned.

Walmart has often been criticized for stocking its shelves with goods made overseas, particularly in China, in an effort to keep its prices low.

In the long run higher prices for Chinese goods in the USA might damage its market share there, with negative effects on employment in China, but that's a slow process.

If not, the economic losses from his trade-war adventure will really start to mount. The report also highlighted support of USA trade officials' efforts to try to address those issues are affecting business in ways that were expected and unexpected, officials said.

Missing in the battle over exports and imports between China and the United States is the confusion about who pays these tariffs., to a large degree, has been the cause of this.

Alibaba can no longer meet that promise, Ma told Chinese news agency Xinhua on Wednesday. Combined with previously taxed imports, that would cover 100 percent of the products the US buys from China.

But China is only a sham capitalist economy. We have rebuilt China. Indeed, Xi and the Communist Party hierarchy are coming to the conclusion that Trump's trade war is created to "thwart China's rise". Yet his obsession is completely misplaced: 85 percent of the seven million American manufacturing jobs lost since 2000 were eliminated by automation, not by trade.

Ma's latest interview marks at least the second time this week he spoke out against the U.S.



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