Senate Republicans to propose Wednesday hearing for Kavanaugh, accuser

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On Friday, Trump also accused Democrats of seeking to destroy Kavanaugh, the latest salvo in a bitterly partisan debate over the sex assault allegations against Kavanaugh.

Professor Ford is willing to tell her story - but only if agreement can be reached on "terms that are fair and which ensure her safety", her lawyer said on Thursday (local time).

Mr Kavanaugh was seen at the White House on Thursday.

"Someone who is lying does not ask the FBI to investigate their claims", Sen.

In one obstacle that must be overcome, attorney Debra Katz's email said a hearing Monday is "not possible" and that scheduling it that day "is arbitrary in any event".

It is something, she said, that was not surprising to hear given the culture of drinking and partying, but she remembers being struck by the "gravity" of what was being talked about.

A handful of pivotal senators have yet to disclose how they will ultimately vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation, including Republican Sens. But Ford's accusation has upended his confirmation process.

Specifically, Collins told a ME radio station that she believes in the Senate's responsibility to vet nominees for high offices like the Supreme Court position for which Kavanaugh has been nominated.

Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, set a Friday deadline for Ford to respond to the committee in advance of a hearing he scheduled for Monday. Ford claims that Kavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom and attempted to remove her clothes before she was able to escape.

"What is happening with the Judiciary Committee, really, I would call it a railroad job", Sen.

McConnell told the annual Values Voter conference Friday "in the very near future, Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court". "You have to ask yourself why".

"Dr. Ford was reluctantly thrust into the public spotlight only two days ago", Ford's attorney said in a statement Wednesday.

That Ford revealed her story in couples therapy six years ago and that there apparently exists a psychologist's notes corroborating this makes it less likely she invented the charges to derail Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, though the federal judge's ascent to the nation's highest court was reportedly something she was anxious about.

Supporters of Kavanaugh have also rallied behind him, while people backing Ford protested in Congress on Thursday. "And the reason you should know that: look how angry the left is, huh?" Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee who has played a central role in the Ford developments.

Trump has confirmed 26 circuit court judges during his presidency, which McConnell has shepherded through with the help of a simple majority without the chance for any filibusters.

The allegations come in the shadow of the powerful #Metoo movement against sexual harassment and assault, and echo the 1991 hearings for conservative Clarence Thomas to join the Supreme Court, when his former assistant Anita Hill accused him of repeated sexual harassment.

Republicans relented in the face of calls to have Kavanaugh and his accuser testify in public.



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