Judge Orders Couple to Hand over Cash Raised for Homeless Veteran

Johnny Bobbitt Jr. left Kate McClure right and McClure's boyfriend Mark D'Amico pose at a Citgo station in Philadelphia. Bobbitt a homeless man whose selfless act of using his last $20 to fill the gas tank

The couple raised the $400,000 with a GoFundMe campaign created a year ago after Bobbitt gave his last $20 to help McClure when her auto broke down on Interstate 95 near Philadelphia, according to the GoFundMe page. When McClure ran out of gas, Bobbitt, who is homeless, gave his last $20 to buy gas for her. McClure started a GoFundMe.com campaign for Bobbitt.

But McClure and D'Amico said that Bobbitt had begun to spend the money on drugs, and chose to withhold some of it for his benefit.

McClure, along with her boyfriend, Mark D'Amico, became a worldwide internet sensation, appearing on "Good Morning America" and the BBC, NBC Philadelphia noted.

Kate McClure stands with Johnny, the homeless man that gave her his last 20 dollars to fill her vehicle with gas when it broke down on the side of I-95.

"I had to ask them for everything in the beginning", Bobbitt said, according to WPVI.

She also demanded the couple hire a forensic accountant to review their financial records within 10 days, to see if they had a hand in depleting Bobbitt's donations. But suddenly she had a new BMW, and the couple was taking vacations to Florida and California and Las Vegas, Bobbitt told the Inquirer. She's also accused of spending around $25,000 on drugs in a time span of less than two weeks, while also sending money to family and paying legal fees.

For their part, McClure and D'Amico deny wrongdoing and say that Bobbitt has already accessed around half the donated money, but they are now reluctant to give him any more large sums.

The pair has now been ordered to give all the remaining money to Bobbitt's attorney who will put it in an escrow account until the judge rules on how it should be managed.

But D'Amico also insisted to the Inquirer that he won't give Bobbitt the money until he is sure the veteran is free of drugs, stating that he would rather "burn [the money] in front of him". And within 13 days, D'Amico said on "Megyn Kelly Today", Bobbitt had blown through it.

Bobbitt's other attorney, Jacqueline Promislo told NBC she "very concerned" about how much money has been spent by the defendants.

"He's really left us with no choice but to go forward, said Fallon, one of two pro bono lawyers from Cozen O'Connor in Philadelphia whom Bobbitt retained last week".

"If they spent money on themselves and I say if they did, we want reimbursement of the money. I would do it all over again for him".

Bobbitt told the Philadelphia Inquirer that begging for money on the streets was easier than trying to get his GoFundMe donations from McClure and D'Amico.

People have made death threats against the couple, Badway said.

The money that came to Bobbitt couldn't stop his addiction. "Every dollar he ever touched was used for drugs", D'Amico said, adding that he and McClure tried to get Bobbitt to enter rehab, but he refused.



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