Trump accuses Google of hiding 'fair media' coverage

Donald Trump: Google’s news service is rigged against me

US President Donald Trump warned Google, Facebook and Twitter to tread carefully on Tuesday after recently accusing internet and social media firms of political bias and censorship, without providing evidence.

GLOBAL tech giant Google has hit back at US President Donald Trump's extravagant claims that the search engine rigs its results to show negative stories about him and his administration.

On Twitter on Tuesday, Trump accused Google - without evidence - of "suppressing" conservative voices and "hiding information" and good news.

Some Republican US lawmakers have also raised concerns about social media companies removing content from some conservatives, and have called Twitter's chief executive to testify before a House of Representatives panel on September 5.

Google denied any political bias, saying in a statement that its search engine is "not used to set a political agenda and we don't bias our results towards any political ideology".

Trump tweeted on Tuesday that "This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!" Trump's charge is that 96 percent of Google results are from the so-called "National Left-Wing Media", adding this was "very dangerous".

U.S. member of Congress Ted Lieu, a Democrat, said in a tweet directed at Trump that such restrictions on Google would violate the U.S. Constitution: "If government tried to dictate the free speech algorithms of private companies, courts would strike it down in a nanosecond". A similar search later in the day for "Trump" had Fox News, the president's favored cable network, among the top results. They are controlling what we can & cannot see.

Adds Google: "We never rank search results to manipulate political sentiment".

It comes after Mr Trump has previously attacked Google, Twitter and Facebook for being "very dishonest media".

Mountain View, California-based Google had no immediate comment.

Google searches aim to surface the most relevant pages in response to a user's query, even before he or she finishes typing.

In March, Google announced it would spend more than $A408 million over the next three years to improve its search results following the rise of "fake news".

Trump and some supporters have long accused Silicon Valley companies of being biased against them. Tech companies have said they do not remove content for political reasons.

Trump didn't say what he based his tweets on.

Media analyst Ken Doctor said it doesn't make sense for mass-market businesses like Google to lean either way politically. Sinclair is a significant outlet for conservative views. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have also been pressed to remove conspiracy driven content and hate speech. Jones has since said he believes the shooting did occur and has argued that the lawsuit should be dismissed because he was acting as a journalist.



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