International Space Station leak: "Minute pressure leak" detected Wednesday evening

56-57 crew successfully docked at the International Space Station via the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft

The leak - possibly caused by a micro-meteorite strike - was detected on Wednesday night, resulting in a small loss of cabin pressure.

"When the crew was awakened at its normal hour Thursday morning, flight controllers at Mission Control in Houston and at the Russian Mission Control Center outside Moscow began working procedures to try to determine the location of the leak".

The six crew members gathered in the Russian segment of the station after they were notified of the leak, NASA said. The fracture caused a drop in pressure and an air leak on the station, according to Rogozin, who said that the problem has been resolved.

The crew of the space station is now in the process of patching up the hole and ensuring that the leak has been stopped. "This is a section of the Soyuz that does not return to Earth", NASA explained.

"Flight controllers determined there was no immediate danger to the crew overnight". When the crew awoke this morning, mission controllers both in Houston and outside of Moscow attempted to pinpoint the leak. Additional updates will be posted on NASA's International Space Station blog as more information becomes available, NASA spokesperson Dan Huot told in an email.

The astronauts now onboard the ISS are NASA astronuats Drew Feustel, Serena Auñón-Chancellor and Ricky Arnold, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and Russian astronauts Sergei Prokopyev and Oleg Artemyev. All six astronauts joined in the hunt, closing off individual modules within the station to better locate the source. The space station is heated and pressurized with an air mixture so that the astronauts can breathe normally, and it requires an airtight seal to ensure that the air can be continuously recycled.



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