Trump's finance chief Allen Weisselberg is granted immunity from prosecution

National Enquirer kept safe full of potentially damaging stories about Trump: report

The investigation would seek to determine how the Trump Organization accounted for the reimbursement it paid Cohen, the report said, noting that the company labeled the reimbursement as payment for legal fees.

Weisselberg's ties to the Trump family date back to the 1970s when he worked as an accountant for the president's father, Fred, according to news reports.

The revelation of Weisselberg's cooperation in the Cohen probe marks the latest member of Trump's inner circle to secure immunity in exchange for information about the longtime fixer for the president. If all his people are out under pressure and tell the secrets they know, it's awful for him.

According to Litman, "Everybody's who around Trump now-and has been over the last ten years intimately-is in a world of hurt with legal battles on all sides". Weisselberg was also treasurer of The Donald J. Trump Foundation, the president's nonprofit, which has been sued by the NY attorney general for alleged violations of state law.

It was not clear whether Weisselberg and Pecker testified as part of investigations targeting someone other than Cohen.

He is one of three executives of the Trump Organization, the umbrella organisation that covers the 500 or so business entities owned by the President.

Should charges come against the organization or employees of the organization, Trump would not be able to pardon them.

Cohen pleaded guilty on Tuesday to handling hush money for Mr Trump in violation of campaign finance laws.

The Associated Press, citing people familiar with the Enquirer's parent company, American Media Inc., reported Thursday that the safe was "a great source of power" for publisher David Pecker - who, in addition to so-called catch-and-kill deals with Trump, would also obtain exclusive rights to embarrassing stories about other people, including celebrities. Cohen has indicated he may cooperate with that inquiry. He told Fox News on Wednesday that he wasn't aware of the payments made by Cohen until "later on", while maintaining they were not campaign funds.

A spokeswoman for the attorney general declined to comment.

Through his lawyer, Cohen said collecting contributions through a GoFundMe page set up after his guilty plea this week is the only way to ensure the truth comes out about the president.

The White House official insisted that West Wing staffers continue to keep their heads down and do their jobs.

A year ago, Trump told The New York Times that Mueller would be crossing a "red line" if he began to look at Trump's and his family's finances unrelated to Russian Federation.

"The only reason to do that would be to hide the nature of the payment and to make it tax deductible", Ware said.

As the negative news mounted throughout the past week, allies also expressed frustration with the lack of a coordinated pushback effort.



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