Perfect without makeup

Lady Gaga

We are used to seeing Lady Gaga in flamboyant makeup and bizarre outfits. You will be amazed when you see how good-looking she is without any makeup. She is actually quite a lady.

Lady Gaga’s impressive recent selfies on Instagram have caused a stir on the internet. This is because people were not expecting a pretty look from a celebrity we are used seeing in exaggerated, out-of-this-world fashion.

Under that massive makeup, wigs, monster suits and arriving at the Grammy’s in an eggshell, Lady Gaga is a pretty woman with skin that is taken good care off. She also has appealing hair colour and striking large blue eyes.


From her previous babyface-look to her now attractive look, Rihanna has maintained a blemish-free skin and possess the most beautiful natural dark eyelashes.

Rihanna has been an encouragement to dark-skinned women all over the world. She takes pride in her dark skin tone and knows she does not have to bleach or rely on makeup to attain a good look.

Bad girl-Riri has a perfect sense of fashion since she is a fashion designer. Even without makeup she able to put together a simple outfit and still look amazing.

Taking pride in your natural look is self-empowering and builds up confidence. Alas, it will only end there, looking good will not help you win a jackpot prize at an online casino, visit to learn more about different types of jackpots.

Alicia Keys

After publically announcing that she will no longer wear makeup for self-empowerment purposes, Alicia Keys turned out to be stunningly gorgeous in her new look.

In an Instagram post, Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beats posted a video about how they posed for a culture magazine together. The Girl on Fire hitmaker who is now a musical judge appears in the video in a natural-look showing off her vividly impressive beauty.

The reason why she no longer applies makeup is to empower herself. Alicia Keys is still a superwoman slaying on red carpet relying only on good moisturizers, eyebrow gel and lipgloss.




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