Send confidential emails that self destruct with Gmail on mobile

Gmail Brings Confidential Emails to Mobile

"Confidential mode is now available on mobile devices and can help you protect sensitive information from unauthorized access", tweeted Google. In that case, just open the Gmail app, and tap on the menu icon on the left, reaching Sent. Passcodes can either be through a separate email (users not using Gmail) or through an SMS (just do not forget to enter their mobile # when you turn it on). You can also Renew Access if you want them to see the message. The update also witnessed another magical addition called confidential mode. SMS-based passcodes are the only option if your recipient is using a Gmail account - recipients using another email service can receive either SMS or email passcodes. The feature restricts recipients from downloading, forwarding, printing, or copying anything in the email if the sender sets it up that way.

In the top right, click More and then Confidential mode. Another minor downside might be if you don't check your email a lot, and then the message expires before you've seen it. Recipients of these secret messages won't have the capacity to copy, paste, and download, print or forward the message, and attachments will be disabled.

If a user sets an SMS passcode, he/she might need to give Google the recipient's phone number.

Instructions on how to send and open confidential emails have been listed on Google's support page. In fact, these settings can be altered even after the mail has been sent, by simply visiting the sent item from the sent folder. The users will not face any issue opening those messages.

Just as fundamental has been the development of Google's Gmail, and the fact that it keeps evolving over time makes it that much better. Both iOS and Android forms are transforming themselves, according to the new update. That means that Google will have access to personal data i.e. the phone number of the recipient, even without his permission.

On the bottom of the screen, tap Remove access.



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