News Azealia Banks Lashes Out at Elon Musk and Grimes

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Azealia Banks claims she spent a freakish weekend at Elon Musk's house, while waiting to work with his girlfriend Grimes in a collaboration that never happened - but the Tesla CEO is insisting he's never even met her. But instead, the couple went into hiding as Musk was frantically "scrounging" for investors after his August 7 tweet. "They bring me out there on the premise that we would hang and make music", Banks claimed. Neither Elon or Grimes publicly commented on Azealia's house adventure but it will be interesting to see if something comes out of it and/or if more information will be released soon.

Unfortunately, Banks said the collaboration never came to fruition as Grimes "ghosted" her.

In "how did this even happen?" news, Azealia Banks claims to have had quite the experience at businessman Elon Musk's house.

Banks told Business Insider she saw the Tesla CEO at home "scrounging for investors" after tweeting last week about plans to take Tesla private.

Banks said Musk seemed distracted over the weekend. 'He was stressed and red in the face'. Azealia had previously teased fans about her work with Grimes, revealing it was one of two final songs she was completing for her upcoming album Fantasea II: The Second Wave, which has reportedly since been scrapped, according to "I'm going to wait one more day then I'm going to go home".

Banks told Business Insider she found out Musk does not have funding secured for the auto company's privatization.

She also went on a vicious rant about Grimes, who she branded an "idiot, Musk who she called a "beta male" and branded them both 'crackhead" in a rambling attack.

Banks told Business Insider that Musk spent the weekend securing investors after he announced his plans to take Tesla private last week.

Recently, Musk's tweets have included saying Tesla will start selling "short shorts" as merch, as well as thigh-high sockboots and thigh high socks with pockets for lipliner and cards.

In a direct message exchange with writers on Twitter, he insisted he "has never even met (Banks) or communicated with her in any way".

"He's not cute at all in person", Banks added.

She also hit back at suggestions she'd stayed in Musk's house past her welcome, in a post apparently addressed to Grimes.

Banks has a history of making bold and sometimes unverified claims.

"I could run Tesla better than he does", Banks told Business Insider of Musk. In 2016, she slammed Beyoncé on Twitter and accused her of stealing from other artists.



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