Simon Belmont And Richter Belmont From Castlevania Join Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Returns with Castlevania's Simon Belmont and Way More Info

"Donkey Kong Country" villain King K. Rool is joining the "Super Smash Bros".

After a special Nintendo Direct presentation that focused exclusively on the upcoming title Super Smash Bros. The last bit of Castlevania news in Smash is the addition of Alucard as an Assist Trophy. These include Dracula's Castle from the Castlevania series and New Donk City Hall from the Super Mario Odyssey game.

Additionally, Chrom from the Fire Emblem franchise and Dark Samus from the Metroid series were announced as echo fighters. As a result of this, and the fact we didn't get a post trailer run down from Sakurai, we now don't know much about how the character will fight. Ultimate Limited Edition, it will be available the same time the regular version of the game, December 7.

Phew! I think those are all the big announcements - Nintendo sure knows how to pack a lot of info into half an hour! We haven't had one of those since The Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. With that in mind, it's unsurprising to see the company bring the controllers back for the Switch's upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Japanese company has also revealed that the highly-anticipated fighting game will be compatible with the classic GameCube controllers. You can disable all stage hazards if you like, or select two stages before a match that will unpredictably "morph" into each other.

Technically, Richter Belmont is an Echo Fighter of Simon Belmont - a new classification introduced in Super Smash Bros. When playing in Handheld mode, music can be played even while the Nintendo Switch screen is turned off, turning the system into its own portable music player. This includes Sonic's pal Knuckles the Echidna, Zero from Mega Man X, Metal Gear Solid's Gray Fox, Shovel Knight, Krystal the fox from Star Fox Adventures, and most notably, the dragon Rathalos from the Monster Hunter series. The stage is going completely over-the-top with 34 music tracks, from across the Castlevania series. Smashdown mode forces players to choose new characters, as each elimination removes previously selected fighters from the options.

Training will feature an exclusive stage that measures the distance of moves both at low and high health.



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