Trump administration proposes mileage rollback

Trump team wants to roll back Obama-era mileage standards

California and the other states have already filed a lawsuit trying to stop the Trump administration in its attempt to revisit the standards put in place through an agreement with the Obama's administration in 2012 that called for the average m.p.g. standard across the US fleet of cars to hit 34.5 in model-year 2016 and then increase to 54.5 by 2025.

"For Trump to now destroy a law first enacted at the request of Ronald Reagan five decades ago is a betrayal and an assault on the health of Americans everywhere", Gov. On Wednesday, administration officials depicted the proposed shift as a way to limit auto prices for consumers, saying the Obama rules added $2,340 to the cost of owning a new vehicle and have been a factor in the rise in retail prices to an average of $35,000 or more. "California will fight this stupidity in every conceivable way possible".

NHTSA said the change would prevent vehicles from increasing by an average of about $2,340.

Opponents say the result will be dirtier air and more pollution-related illness and death.

Automakers supported the move, arguing that the costs of achieving the Obama administration's gas-mileage regulations would raise vehicle prices and hurt their business.

More than $500 billion reduction in societal costs over the lifetimes of vehicles through MY 2029 (Technology costs: $252.6 billion; costs attributable to additional fatalities: $77.1 billion; costs attributable to additional injuries: $120.4 billion; costs attributable to additional congestion and noise: $51.9 billion).

No noticeable impact to net emissions of smog-forming or other "criteria" or toxic air pollutants. "It's a proposal that attacks the states' right to protect people from risky pollution, one that no one - not the American public, not the states, not even most automakers - really wants, and one that's being presented to the public under the false and easily discredited guise of improving public safety", the statement continued. CARB will examine all 978 pages of fine print to figure out how the Administration can possibly justify its absurd conclusion that weakening standards to allow dirtier, less efficient vehicles will actually save lives and money.

Cort continued, "Everyone who breathes should be anxious about the tailpipe pollution Trump's administration wants to unleash".

"We are going to remain committed to improving fuel economy, reducing emissions and working toward an all-electric future, but we believe it is in everybody's best interest to have one national set of requirement that comprehends the new technologies". We are researchers, not pundits, and so we hesitate to speculate.

To others, the CAFE standards change was more a matter of consumer empowerment than environmental catastrophe. Although more fuel-efficient cars may cost more, consumers make it up through savings on gas by 2030.

"It was assumed gasoline would be a lot more expensive today than it is and even though gasoline prices have gone up a little bit recently, they're still at historically low levels", EPA assistant administrator Bill Wehrum told reporters. They are more efficient because forward-looking and scientifically sound public policies require them to be.

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation released their long-awaited revisions to federal fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards. There's no justification for California to have its own standards.

Two trade groups - the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and Global Automakers, which together represent General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Kia and other major domestic and worldwide automakers - said they supported the process outlined Thursday.

"Automakers support continued improvements in fuel economy and flexibilities that incentivize advanced technologies while balancing priorities like affordability, safety, jobs and the environment", the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which represents major auto companies on USA policy issues, said in a statement. "We urge California and the federal government to find a common sense solution that sets continued increases in vehicle efficiency standards while also meeting the needs of America's drivers".



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