John Kelly says Trump wants him to stay at White House

Donald Trump John Kelly

FBN's Blake Burman on reports White House Chief of Staff John Kelly will remain at his post at least through 2020 at the request of President Trump.

Kelly has done away with "meeting crashers", the West Wing aides who showed up for meetings uninvited, according to a White House aide, but he has not been able to curb Trump's practice of adding and subtracting advisers to meetings throughout the day or of turning scheduled gatherings into freewheeling discussions of subjects that suit his interests - including those suggested to him by his coterie of outside advisers, including Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Kelly has seen his status as chief of staff diminished in recent months, with the President circumventing numerous policies and protocols the retired Marine Corps general put in place when he entered the West Wing past year. Today we celebrate his first full year as @WhiteHouse Chief of Staff!

Still, Trump is known as a mercurial boss, whose feelings on key staffers can shift rapidly.

But for this president, keeping Kelly around offers the best of both worlds: somebody to blame when things go awry but nobody fettering his freedom of action.
"He became my chief of staff, Gen. Kelly", Trump said in the Oval Office.

However, the President applauded Kelly on Monday, tweeting a photo of the pair together.

Kelly was appointed last July to succeed Reince Priebus, Trump's first chief of staff, after serving for the first six months of the administration as secretary of homeland security. A Fox News interview in which Kelly suggested that Trump's thinking on his signature border wall was evolving was an early flash point, followed by the fallout from the Porter controversy.

John Roberts now serves as the chief White House correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC).

Kelly has told allies that he feels it his duty to serve even if he and the president differ on style and messaging.

The news breaks just after Kelly reaches his one-year anniversary in the job, prompting wide media speculation that he would finally leave the administration.

If Kelly stays on into 2019, he'll occupy the role during a re-election cycle, which is likely to downsize what already is a weakened role for him.



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