To Kiki or not to: Police across states go creative with warnings

Kiki challenge is the new viral trend that youngsters are following on social media

Some people were seen on camera jumping out of a moving vehicle, climbing on a roof, or standing on a moving motorcycle and dancing to the song.

Bengalureans have also been cautioned against taking part in the challenge.

The challenge involves a slow moving vehicle and those on the passenger front seat, jumping out and dancing with the door open in sync with Drake's song, while the video is recorded. Seemingly inspired by Drake's song, American comedian Shiggy posted a video in June doing the dance. The police forces have lately taken to social media to warn and inform citizens on various issues, with references to popular social media trends.

Seconds before he planned to jump on the auto, he slipped and was hit by the vehicle. "#KikiChallenge is not worth the fun.#InMyFeelings Keep #Delhi roads safe for all", it said.

While there are several videos of people successfully completing the challenge, others have also met with accidents.

The popular "In My Feelings" challenge went wrong when one teenager attempted to take the challenge by jumping onto a moving auto. The Gulf Emirate of Abu Dhabi has now ordered the arrest of three "famous" social media users for taking part in the viral challenge. Desist from public nuisance or face the music!

The video shows the woman with sunglasses and red lipstick dancing in the passenger seat of the auto which is driving through a forested area with the door open. These people put their own life as well as the lives of others at risk.

Law enforcement officials around the world-including in the US, India, Spain, and the UAE-are warning folks not to partake in this stunt on their watch. Interestingly, the rapper isn't the one behind the challenge.



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