Aeroméxico plane with 101 aboard crashes in Durango; no deaths reported

Aeromexico plane carrying 101 people crashes in northern Mexico

Aeromexico flight 2431 went down shortly after takeoff in the northern state of Durango on Tuesday, en route to Mexico City, and caught fire after the crash.

Determining the cause of the Durango crash may be made easier by the location of the crash, which should allow easy access to evidence, such as the retrieved flight recorders, as well as interviews with the crew and other survivors.

A spokesperson for the Durango Civil Protection (Proteccion Civil Durango) said there were no reports of deaths in the Mexican plane crash. The Embraer 190 aircraft is often used for regional commercial flights around the world including USA carriers like American Airlines and JetBlue.

TV images showed the severely damaged body of the plane emerging from scrubland and a column of smoke rising into the sky.

"Everything was so sudden I think the pilot had to do his job to make sure as many people got out alive", Herrera said.

The plane then skidded off the runway, stopping about 300 meters (985 feet) away, Aispuro said.

"You start gaining speed and as soon as you start taking off all of the sudden the plane starts struggling and it's getting hit with hail", said Herrera, who was visiting the city of Durango for the baptism of his cousin's baby. Crosswinds that gusted higher than expected, caused the plane to veer off the runway and crash into a ravine.

The airline's CEO said the Embraer 190 jet was 10 years old, "perfectly maintained", and was last serviced in February.

A Mexican federal official says an Aeromexico airliner crashed after taking off in the northern state of Durango on Tuesday, but authorities have no immediate word on any casualties.

A plane has crashed in the capital of Mexico's Durango state, television images show, with the state governor confirming nobody was killed.

The maker of the plane, Embraer, says it sent a team of technicians to the scene of the crash to support the investigation.

"It was really, really ugly", Lorenzo Nunez, a passenger from Chicago who fled the plane with his two sons and wife told reporters, according to the AP. Passengers reported hail was also falling at the time and lightning. "I owe my life to Jesus".

Rómulo Campuzano, a National Action Party (PAN) politician, said he had been "very lucky because I was able to get out by the main door" using a torn-off door as a ramp to safety. "I knew he was OK, but he did mention other passengers were badly injured".

"The pilot had to execute a manoeuvre correctly and then we hit the storm at its peak while we were going up, and not while we were up in the air", he said. The aircraft, the serial number of which was 190-173, was delivered in May 2008, the company said in a statement.



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