Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi released from prison

Ahed Tamimi: Israel frees Palestinian viral slap video teen

At the same time, Tamimi and her mother Nariman were taken from the Sharon prison inside Israel to their home village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank after serving their sentences.

A teenager who came an icon of the Palestinian struggle after being jailed for slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier has been freed. But some Israeli lawmakers said that the 17-year-old's punishment should have been much harsher - the deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Bezalel Smotrich, wrote on Twitter in April that Tamimi "should have gotten a bullet, at least in the kneecap".

Ahed's father Bassem said Saturday that after her release from prison, "we expect her to lead and we will support her to lead" in the fight to end occupation.

The eight-month sentence was part of a plea deal.

She was released early for administrative reasons at the discretion of the Israel Prison Service.

Then she visited the home of a relative who had been shot dead by Israeli forces during a demonstration.

Ahed Tamimi (17) and her mother, Nariman Tamimi, were greeted with banners, cheers and Palestinian flags as they entered their home village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.

"From this martyr's house, I say: resistance is continuing until the occupation is removed", she told reporters.

The case put the spotlight on Israel's treatment of Palestinians, especially the youth and drew sharp division in the region. "All the female prisoners in jail are strong, and I thank everyone who stood by me while I was in prison".

Since 2009, residents of Nabi Salah have staged regular anti-occupation protests that often ended with stone-throwing clashes.

In a sign of her popularity, a pair of Italian artists painted a large mural of her on Israel's West Bank separation barrier ahead of her release.

An Israeli police spokesman did not return a call for comment. Local human rights groups say more than 300 minors are now being held.

Palestinians are increasingly disillusioned about efforts to establish a state in those territories, after more than two decades of failed negotiations with Israel.



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