Fortnite Celebrates First Birthday with Exclusive Rewards and Challenges

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And back in February, Fortnite hosted 3.4 million concurrent players, surpassing PUBG's peak of 3.2 million at the time. While it's not hard to learn, the competitive multiplayer incentivizes players to continuously refine their skills and purchase in-game content to get a leg-up.

Meanwhile, Save the World players have a new Fortnite Birthday questline.

According to a new study conducted by research firm SuperData, Fortnite has amassed over $1 billion since it was released a year ago.

The release of the game is drawing near, and it seems that Epic Games are actually investing in more servers; this hints towards the release coming closer. Enemies in the game (called husks) will also be in on the action, with certain husks carrying exploding birthday cakes as you defend your forts.

As well as Drake, Ninja has played with many other celebrities, such as Harry Kane and Marshmello, which has helped to promote the game to a wider audience.

"Their unmatched scalability has been instrumental in keeping pace with our rocketing player populations". The company is using the popularity of Fortnite and the game's strong community to get the attention of gamers.

At launch, the game was available for PC and PlayStation 4.

The first week of Fortnite's Summer Skirmish event didn't exactly go as planned, but developer Epic Games may have a secret weapon heading into week 2 of the tournament: Ninja.

The battle royale genre is immensely popular right now.

Battle Royale there is at least one year, but during that time managed to overtake PUBG and firmly entrenched in the list of the most popular games of the year.

Epic Games is preparing to celebrate Fortnite's one-year anniversary with new items and challenges.

While we do know what time it is going to start, Epic Games did not reveal how long the maintenance is going to be.



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