Now Theresa May faces recess rebellion (and another Brexit bill)

May bows to Brexit pressure in parliament

In a series of one-to-one meetings, ministers had tried to appeal to the rebels' "common sense", pointing out that leaving the Customs Union was a manifesto commitment. Whatever the proposal on the table, there will be MPs who vote it down. I think it was an honest mistake made by the whips in fast-moving circumstances.

"Also apologies for late reply, been speaking at an event".

The Prime Minister was saved from a humiliating reverse after MPs backed the government by a margin of just six votes, rejecting the amendment by 307-301.

Sireen Harajli, currency strategist at Mizuho in NY, said the United Kingdom government's win on Tuesday was a short-term positive for the pound, but a medium-term negative for the currency because "this means that the United Kingdom will put forth a hard-Brexit plan which could make negotiations with the European Union more difficult".

Later, the government was also left embarrassed when it abandoned plans to send MPs on an early summer break, amid ever-deepening divisions among Conservatives on Brexit.

But there was no guarantee that the issue of retaining a form of customs union - which pro-EU MPs see as vital to preserving industrial and commercial supply chains - would not resurface.

British Prime Minister Theresa May insisted Monday night that she had not caved in to the demands of Brexit-supporting politicians when she accepted a string of changes to crucial legislation.

The amendment from Conservative MP Philip Lee, who resigned from the government in protest over Brexit, requires the government to seek continued United Kingdom participation in the EU medicines regulations involving the European Medicines Agency.

He added that reports published by the government on future agreements would "signpost" any changes in a bid to enhance parliamentary scrutiny.

May's spokesman said the leader would stand by her promise to leave such a customs union. We have a Prime Minister who is in office, but not in power.

Global trade minister George Hollingbery, introducing the Bill at report stage on behalf of the government, said the legislation was about "continuity".

"Each day that ministers waste arguing amongst themselves increases the risk of the United Kingdom crashing out of Europe without an agreement".

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Mr Fox said: 'The wording of the amendment yesterday was very close to the wording in the Government's White Paper.

The Department for International Trade said Britain was always seeking to be part of the medicines framework.

"We would look to be an active participant and this would involve making an appropriate financial contribution".

Ministers argued the amendment would put "massive restrictions" on its ability to forge "an independent trade policy" after Britain leaves the European Union next March.



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